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Billing Terms & Condition

Billing Terms & Condition

Payment secure:

Our carpass-us website Payment policy is 100% secure.

Which payment type do we accept:

We accept just PayPal.

When you click add to cart button on our carpass-us website. Where you will see only the payment method PayPal.

All Refund will be back to your original payment method (PayPal)

Our site carpass-us Store is PCI Compliant and is SSL secured as we use Shopify for our store.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In layman’s terms, SSL takes your data (such as credit card information and passwords) and turns it into data that only you and the intended recipient can decrypt. SSL certificates can also provide you with information about the authenticity of the identity of a person, business, or website

If you need any questions please contact us:

Address: 793 Center St, Lewiston New York 14092, United States